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I'm coming up on my 25th year of living with diabetes. I remember cruising the library after diagnosis, searching for books (like real ones with ... Read More

The Business of Diabetes

Diabetes has no doubt been made into a for profit billion dollar industry. How does The Business of Diabetes impact our health, our pocket books and our communities? Read More

Unpacking Diabetes Drug Costs

Diabetes advocate and drug cost expert Scott Strumello helps unravel the web of diabetes drug costs. Diabetes advocate and absolute NON drug cost expert, Cynthia recaps with a cliff note version. Read More

March 8th Save the Date

The Diabetes Way is excited to be hosting the very first (of hopefully many…) Real Life Diabetes happy hours! Join us March 8th at the Pacific Beach Ale House in Sunny San Diego. Read More

Suffering in Silence

I only recall a handful of occasions when I allowed my anger to surface when an uncomfortable situation personally or professionally reared its head. Read More

Out of the clinic

Welcome to the blog that’s taking diabetes Out of The Clinic and onto the street. Our goal and motivation is to provide those touched by diabetes an inside look at the diabetes lifestyle. Read More

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